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Urzi's Italian Market was established in 1926 with one mission: to bring a real, high-quality Italian Grocery Store to the St. Louis area. Our passion for excellence is what inspired us in the beginning and it continues to drive us today. We pride ourselves in the superior experience of shopping in our Italian Grocery Store and in the long-term relationships we’ve built with our customers. People come back to Urzi's Italian Market because they know they’ll find what they’re looking for on our shelves - and if they don’t, we’ll help them find it. Stop by to see for yourself!


Our Market started out across the street from its present location in 1926.  Previously run by my husband's Aunt and a partner.  She eventually bought him out. Later, her first husband died, and when she remarried, her husband didn't like her working every day, so she eventually sold the business to her brother Fred. Fred sold a lot of bread on Sundays, as customers would stop in after church to buy the fresh Joe Fazio's Bakery bread.  As the story goes, Fazio's made about 300 loaves for him each weekend.  They also sold fresh produce, and live chickens.  Customers would check out the chickens as to the size of the breast, while others, it is said, even checked them to see if they had an egg inside, so they could get a free egg!  They could have the chicken butchered right then and there! They also made fresh Salsiccia (Italian Sausage) every week. The same sausage is still made today. Plenty of fresh parsley, and fennel, with a course ground selection of beef and pork. 

In 1970, the store was moved to its present location, just across the street from its old roots.  The building is located at 5430 Southwest Avenue, St. Louis, MO. Fred delivered wholesale produce, and poultry to restaurants, deli's, and markets, along with his small retail store. His son, Joe worked at the market with him for many years. His Father ran the wholesale division, and Joe ran the retail store. Joe married Diane in 1983. They had 5 children, and each of them was raised in the market. Through baby cribs, beds, and swings, at the market, each of them eventually grew up, with customers watching them grow. Joe died unexpectedly in 2006, following a cold, and I (Diane) and 2 of our children now run the store. Wonderful comments from customers, telling us how glad they are that we are still here, keeps us motivated to keep the store going and to be successful. We always strive to have a nice selection, at a great price. Gourmet groceries, without the gourmet price! We work hard to be able to able to have the best selection and prices.


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